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Professional projects in progress. These are ideas in development that we are passionate about developing for the greater good!

KinWork: Counseling for Connection

By kin work I refer to the conception, maintenance, and ritual celebration of cross-household kin ties, including visits, letters, telephone calls, presents, and cards to kin; the organization of holiday gatherings; the creation and maintenance of quasi-kin relations; decisions to neglect or to intensify particular ties; the mental work of reflection about all these activities; and the creation and communication of altering images of family and kin vis-A-vis the images of others, both folk and mass media.”

“The Female World of Cards and Holidays: Women, Families, and the Work of Kinship”, Micaela di Leonardo, Signs, Vol. 12, No. 3. (Spring, 1987), pp. 440-453.

“The concept of universal connection. Nothing in the world stands by itself. Every object is a link in an endless chain and is thus connected with all the other links. And this chain of the universe has never been broken; it unites all objects and processes in a single whole and thus has a universal character. We cannot move so much as our little finger without "disturbing" the whole universe. The life of the universe, its history lies in an infinite web of connections.”

Alexander Spirkin, Dialectical Materialism, First Published: © 1983 by Progress Publishers;

Transcribed: byRobert Cymbala.


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